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Women's Corner - Violence Against Women


You have the following rights

Assistance of protection officer, service providers or the other in charge of the nearest PS in registering your compliant and filing an application for relief.

Receive protection for you and your children from act of domestic violence

Right to measures and orders protecting you against the particular danger or insecurities you or your child are facing.

To stay in the house and to seek restrain an other person residing in the same house, from interfering with or disturbing peaceful enjoyment of the house and the amenities, facilities therein by you or your children

To regain possession of your Stridhan, jewellery, clothes of daily use are other household goods

To get medical assistance, shelter, counseling any legal aid

To restrain the person committing domestic violence against you from contacting you or communicating with you in any manner

To get compensation any physical or mental injury or any other monetary loss due to domestic violence

To file complaint or application for relief under the act directly to the court s

To get the copies of any statements recorded by any authority is connection with domestic violence

The assistance of protection officer or the police to rescue you from any danger