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Tips for Healthy Marriage Life

Tips for Healthy Marriage Life

Wake Up with Hope and Smile !

Wake up with a smile, looking at your wife !

Wish her A Good Morning or a Day !

Begin the day with good greeting and full of smiles !

Beautiful Reception

After returning from work, school, travel, or whatever has separated you

Begin with a good greeting

Sweet Speech and Enchanting Invitations :

Choose and speak words that are positive, avoiding negative ones

Give her your attention when you speak to her or she speaks to you

Friendliness and Recreation Together :

Spend time talking together

Convey to her all goods news known to you

Avoid Sarcasms, Never scorn

Games and Distractions :

Joke around & have a sense of humor

Play and competing with each other in sports or whatever

Take her to watch permissible types of entertainment

Assistance in the Household :

Do whatever you could as an individual to help her, especially if she is sick or tired

The most important thing is making it obvious to her that you appreciate her hard work

Prepare a cup of tea or coffee or milk, for her when she is sick or tired

Sit together while drinking the cup of tea, looking at her

Consultation :

Specifically in family matters, do not neglect her

Give her feeling that her opinion is important to you

Make her feel dignified and respected by you

Don’t reject her opinion right away

Be willing to change your opinion for hers if it is better

Thank and encourage her for helping you with her opinions

Visiting Others :

Choose good people to build relationship/friendship with

There is a great reward in visiting relatives and pious people

Pay attention to own behavior and manners during visits

Do not force her to visit whom she does not feel comfortable with

Allow her to visit her parents/siblings/relatives and also friends

Allow her to attend Marriage functions, Wedding Parties, Matrimonial Matters

Conduct During Travel :

Offer a warm farewell and good advice

Ask relatives and friends to take care of the family in your absence

Try to stay in touch with her whether by phone, e-mail, letters, etc

Take her with you to any marriage function and/or wedding parties you are attending

Returning as soon as possible :

Bring her a gift ! At least some sweets and/or Flowers

Avoid returning at an unexpected time or at night

Tell her that you were not happy to depart from her

Financial Support  :

You need to be generous within your financial capabilities

You should not be a miser with your money

Even for a small piece of bread that you feed her by your hand

Feel her needs and make it a habit to give her before she asks you of anything

Practice good Hygiene :

Practice hygiene removing always be clean and neat

Dress yourself up with available fine cloths

Healing Touch :

Never quarrel in the bed room. All insults and injuries caused to the relationship during the day time must be medicated and healed on the bed

Keep in mind that insults and injuries inflicted upon to the feelings on the bed could not be cured anywhere else

Guarding Privacy :

Avoid disclosing private information such as bedroom secrets, personal problems and other private matters to anyone else

Do not insult her before anyone and behind her

In case of need consult with appropriate Doctor and help her to understand the gravity of the situation

Showing Respect for her Family and Friends :

Take her to visit her family and relatives, especially her parents

Invite them to visit her and welcome them

Give them presents on special occasions

Help them physically and also when needed with money, efforts, etc

Keep good relations with her family after her death if she dies first

Keep giving what she used to give in her life to her friends and family

Avoid excess jealousy and Possessiveness :

Avoid excess jealousy, which could damage the relationship. Examples of jealousy are :

Analyzing every word and sentence she says and overloading her speech by meanings that she did not mean

Assuming things which are actually not mean

Preventing her from going out of the house when the reasons are just

Preventing her from answering the phone

Having doubts on her without proper reasons